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今年度も笑いや涙なしには聞くことができない素晴らしいスピーチがたくさんありました。コンテスト優勝者のエッセーをぜひともお読み下さい。 なお、一部個人情報の記載はXXXと変更しています。


Taking shortcuts does not lead you to fulfillment
( Shortcuts don’t fulfill you. )

In thinking about what to talk about in this speech, I tried to look for a topic that is interesting enough to keep everyone’s attention. The blue cat-shaped robot came to mind. If you just thought about Doraemon, you are correct. He is the most famous and popular robot in Japan. Therefore, today, I would like to talk about what magical tools from Doraemon I have wanted at each age in my life.( showing the picture of Takekoputa )

First, when I was in elementary school, I wanted the Takekoputa. Flying in the sky is a common dream for little kids. As for me, I dreamed of looking at the entire city from high, up in the sky with the birds. However, when I consider it carefully now, I don’t want it anymore because my hair would be pulled by the weight of my own body. I am afraid of losing all my hair!( showing the picture of Dokodemo door )
Second, when I was in junior high school, I wanted the Dokodemo door. I was always stressed about getting out of my bed in the morning on time, so I used to wish I could eliminate the time I spent going to school. That’s why I needed the Dokodemo door. However, I don’t crave it now because I learned that waking up early helps me to be productive during the day.( showing the picture of the Aiaiparasoru )

Finally, what I want now, in high school, is the Aiaiparasoru.. I suppose many of you have never heard of this tool before. Aiaiparasoru is an umbrella. When two people use this umbrella together, the person on the left side will automatically fall in love with the person on the right side. This is a wonderful tool, especially for high school students like us, who are longing for love. However, although I was drawn to this tool for a moment, I don’t honestly want it because I want love to be more like a magic where I can “share” feelings, not an umbrella.

As I was writing this speech and looking back on the past, I could see how I’ve grown up little by little. Likewise, new technology is developing every day. Perhaps, one of the magical tools I talked about today might actually be sold in stores in the near or distant future. We live in such a convenient world, but it doesn’t mean it is good to depend too much on the tools we have. I’ve learned that succeeding in things, no matter how small they are, without using any tools, can make us fulfilled above all else. In the end, what magical tools from Doraemon do you want now?



Being who you are

Good afternoon everyone. I’m XXX from class 2X and I’m glad to be here again this year. Last year I shared my thoughts on studying. As you may recall, I discussed the importance of finding our own pleasure in studying, and today I’d like to change the word “studying” to “life.” I recognize that my life experience is still limited, but I want to talk about it from the perspective of 16-year-old me.
Let me ask you a question. How can we live happily? Is there anyone want to answer this question? Of course, the answer is likely different for each one of you here today. For me it’s to live out my own destiny and always be myself. Allow me to expand on this a little more.

Sometimes people will be easily swayed by others’ opinions about them and follow the majority blindly because they desire to be approved by others. However, it is my opinion that being different is not something terrible. I wouldn’t mind being considered as an oddball if that’s who I was. I love to be in the minority as long as I am comfortable. Minority status is not anything negative. Also, it is widely accepted that people tend to compare themselves with others, which leads them to feel jealous or inferior. I admit that I do feel jealous of other people sometimes, but I wish I could just feel grateful for my life and cheer up others. Reading a few novels based on Christianity for example, Little women, which is mainly about the life of women during the American Civil War, I learned that it is important to focus on the little happinesses around me, and realize how fortunate l am. I’ve felt more appreciated and satisfied with my life ever since then.

I also found a brilliant quote in Charlotte Brontë’s famous novel, Jane Eyre. Let me share it with you. “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.” Yes, everyone has an independent will. We don’t have to adjust to others’ policies.

Living on the earth is lucky enough, I have to know life is tough. Following my heart, and listening to my mind, finding that I am fortunate, and cherishing my life, I’m glad to be in this life, and I’m happy that I am myself. Those thoughts help me to live a wonderful life; how about you? I hope you will discover your true self, and find wonder in all the little pleasant things around you. Trust me. You will find them.
Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day!